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The Preferred Baby Wipes That Grow with Your Child!

World First, Japan No. 1                                  

99.9% Pure Water Wipes                     

Purest, Safest Wipes formulated for baby with sensitive skin

Made in Japan - Manufactured in the LARGEST Wet Wipes Clean-Room with Latest Technology, Facilities, Safety

Content - 99.9% Pure Water with 0.1% Hyaluronic Acid Natural Moisturizer and Green Tea Extract

Patent Award - The only Baby Wipes Formula Patented in USA 2015 and JAPAN 2016

Allergy Friendly - for Baby with sensitive skin

Formulation - to prevent nappy rash

Product Feature

1.    Breaking First - The World's First 99.9% Highest Standard for Pure Water Ingredient in Baby Wipes

2.    No Harmful Content - No Alcohol, No Aroma Fragrant, No Preservative Paraben, No Propylene Glycol (Preservative)

3.    Formulated for baby's delicate skin with Patents from USA & JAPAN for the Pure Water Wipes Formulation.

4.    Tested Safe & Effective - 99.9% of Pure Water and lowest tested 0.1% safe chemicals (Hyaluronic Acid & Green Tea Extracts)

       Most Effective Moisture Formulation

  • Hyaluronic Acid - Cosmetic grade, HA helps retain over 1000 times itsweight in water within the skin cell, making it the most effective and friendly moisturizer
  • Green Tea Extract - Natural anti-inflammatory and moisturizer 

5.    Safety & Quality Production - Made in the World's LARGEST germ-free clean-room in Japan with 100% purified water, fully automated clean-room, no contact with human hand and digital camera monitoring workflow 

6.    Prevent Nappy Rash formulated with PRECISE Water Ratio

7.    Made in Japan LARGEST Germ-Free Clean Room

8.    Patent Seal 'Reseal Prevention Function' - Allows easy pull out of wipes. Keep wipes FRESH and MOIST till the last piece

9.    Peace of Mind - Mummy's and Daddy's First Choice, LEC the trusted household brand.

       Economical, Soft, Purest, Safest Wipes formulated for baby with sensitive skin

  • Nursing Wipes care for mummy's breasts
  • Near Water baby wipes
  • No more nappy rash
  • Precise Water Ratio keeps bottom fresh and dry
  • Allergy Friendly
  • Free from skin stimulants 

Nursing Wipes 

1.    Yellow - Extra Thick Wipes for Newborn & Nursing Mummy

  • Design for Newborn, breastfeeding baby with frequent loose stool
  • Caring for Nursing Mummy's Breasts, gently clean and moisture
  • Double Strength, thickness and soft formula, gentle and kind to newborn's skin
  • Happy Baby with Ever Nappy Change, also on face, hands and body
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Natural moisturizer, less stress on baby's delicate skin
  • Moderate Water Ratio - Precision water prevent nappy rash
  • No Harmful Chemical
  • No More Nappy Rash
  • For baby with delicate and sensitive skin

Carton (15 x 60 Sheets)

2.    Blue - Everyday Wipes 

  • Designed for all caring for baby and children
  • Gentle Cleaning on face, hands and body
  • Hyaluronic Acid with moderate water content and natural moisturizer
  • No Harmful Chemical
  • No More Nappy Rash
  • Economical for everyday use
  • For Every Family Member in the young or old

Carton  (20 x 80 sheets)          

3.    Pink - Hand & Mouth Messy Time Wipes

  • Extra Soft Woven Material
  • Special Weaving to Trap & Remove  Grease & Dirt, Gentle but Effective
  • Green Tea Extract for Anti-inflammation  & Moisture
  • No harmful chemical, No Soap, No Alcohol  
  • Baby and Toddlers  starting on Solid Food - Meal & Messy Time
  • Everyone in the Family, hand, mouth and face cleaning care 

         Carton   (15 x 80 sheets)

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  • LEC 99.9% Pure Water Hand & Mouth Baby Wipes - Pink (15 packs of 80s)
  • LEC 99.9% Pure Water Everyday Baby Wipes - Blue (20 packs of 80s)
  • LEC 99.9% Pure Water Thick for New Born Baby Wipes - Yellow (15 packs of 60s)v
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  • To be collected from Booth H32 at Baby Market Fair, Singapore Expo Hall 5 (please refer to Baby Market Shopping Guide for any updates before commencement of event).
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