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In a nutshell

LEARN from Top Medical EXPERTS from the industry and Dr Wong Boh Boi, Senior Parentcraft Consultant aka the FAMOUS BABY WHISPERER! 

Pregnancy To Parenthood Summit by 

Summit Topic Highlights


1. I Want a Painless Labour: Every woman experiences and tolerates pain differently. Sometimes focused breathing is all that's needed to get through labour, while others may need pain relief. This informative session also guides you through the:

 Different Stages of Labour - Here you will learn about early labour, active labour and the transitional phases. 

 Different Types of Deliveries - Csec Vs Vaginal Births. You may even like to ask about VBACs!

 Different Pain Relief Options - Learn more about the various options available and ask the million dollar question: does Epidural cause backaches?

2. Lifesaving Benefits of Storing your Baby's Umbilical Cord and Cord Blood 

3. How to Tackle Common Newborn Skin Issues such as Sensitive Skin, Eczema and Allergies: 80% of mums encounter mild to severe newborn skin issues within the first month of delivery! Find out what causes cradle cap, baby acne, eczema and rashes and what you should do about these issues! Is applying Breastmilk on baby's skin really the solution? How do we handle more chronic skin issues that just can't seem to go away? Check in with the expert on the Whys, Dos and Don'ts of handling baby's precious and delicate skin!

PART 2 - Parentcraft and Breastfeeding Session with Dr Wong Boh Boi, Famous Baby Whisperer/Parentcraft Specialist/Lactation Consultant/Midwife/Nurse!

4. Newborn Care PLUS Live Baby Demo: Never handled a newborn before? Know all there is to do with taking care of a newborn in the first 60 days! Learn about baby massage techniques, decoding baby's cries, how to handle a colicky baby, and daily sleep, feeding and care routines. You may even get to watch a LIVE baby demo on stage!

5. Breastfeeding All You Need to Know: Learn all about the breastfeeding basics! Establishing a good latch, monitoring signs that baby is being fed well, building up a good supply of breastmilk, managing blocked ducts and engorgement, and learning about different nursing positions are Must-Knows when it comes to preparing for that big day onwards. Dr Wong will also share what are the common challenges and difficulties a nursing mum will face so that you can be better prepared for your breastfeeding journey.

Join us for an EMPOWERING afternoon of education and enlightenment as we prepare you for a smooth pregnancy to parenthood journey!

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Seminar: Pregnancy to Parenthood

Date: Saturday, 20th of April, 2019

Registration: 01:15 pm

Time: 02:00 pm - 06:00pm

Venue: Singapore Expo Max Atria, Garnet Rooms

Level:   2

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Seminar: Pregnancy to Parenthood

Date: Saturday, 20th of April, 2019

Registration: 01:15 pm

Time: 02:00 pm - 06:00pm

Venue: Singapore Expo Max Atria, Garnet Rooms

Level:   2

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Tickets to be collected on Saturday, 12th of October, 2019 @ Singapore Expo Max Atria, Outside Garnet Room (214 - 217), Level 2, 1:15pm

STRICTLY No Refunds, Exchanges or Cancellations allowed.

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Not valid with other discounts and promotions unless stated otherwise.

Event management reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons.

Only mothers-to-be will be allowed to redeem the goodie bag.

Strictly (1) goodie bag redeemable per couple; goodie bags will only be redeemable at the end of the seminar

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