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Brand : LEC

Usual Price : $164.80

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Product Information

Bundle includes:

1x Rich Moist GOLD – Floral Carton (15x60s)

1x My Melody Dispenser Case

1x My Melody Reusable Lid Cover

1x Antibacterial Alkaline Water Sanitizer Set (400ml + 360ml Refill)

1x Hand & Mouth Wet Wipes 80 Sheets

1x CNY Tiger Plush Toy

1x CNY Prosperity Pouch


Gold Floral - LEC Rich Moist 99.9% Pure Water Wet Wipes

  • Contains the highest amount of Hyaluronan among all our wipes,
  • Holding 2.2 times more Hyaluronan than other wipes.
  • It is also of double strength and thickness, enabling the use of less wipes to accomplish the same result.
  • It is the best wipe to use for new-born babies as it is the most effective at preventing nappy rash.

This fresh floral package design brings a trendy look to a great product for all mothers.

The conveniently portion-sized cartons are great for young mothers to experience our stress-and-worry-free wipes (wipe down your baby 's bottom with ease!) while also being economical!


1. Patented Super Moisturising Wipes

Our super moisturising wet wipes are the only patented 99.9% Pure Water Wet Wipes in the world, and the first patent-awarded wipes in USA and Japan. It contains the highest amount of pure water used among all wet wipes, with only 0.1% consisting of natural moisturising and anti-bacterial ingredients, including Hyaluronan.

2. Completely Safe

Thus, all 99.9% Pure Water Wet Wipes are hypoallergenic, and free from Alcohol, Fragrance, Parabens, and Propylene Glycol. Hence, it provides a safe haven of skincare wipes that can be used for both mothers and new born babies.

3. Highest amount of Hyaluronan

What IS Hyaluronan?

It is an acid that is naturally produced by our bodies, especially in the joints, eyes, and skin. Working as a magnet for moisture, it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, helping to hydrate our cells and acting as a humectant.

4. Produced in fully-automated Biological Clean Room

Additionally, all our wet wipes are produced in a fully-automated biological clean room, ensuring the highest quality of wipes produced without contact with human hands.

5. Greater convenience and Economy

Our newest packaging brings greater convenience and economy on top of our uncompromising quality.




BABY SAFE 99.9% Anti-Bacterial

ALKALINE Cleaning Water (Kill Hand, foot & Mouth Disease in 60 seconds)

Made from 100% Water Ionized Alkaline Water (PH 12.5)

Sanitize your items and area to keep your child safe!

A. Ingredient -100% Water

  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Detergent
  • NO Cleaning Agent
  • NO Chemical
  • NO Fragrance
  • NO Coloring
  • NO Rinsing
  • NO Harm to skin
  • ECO Friendly, Allergy Friendly

B. The Breakthrough Anti-Bacterial Formula

  • The Alkaline Ions eliminates 99.9% bacterial in 30-60 seconds (Kill Hand, foot & Mouth Disease, Salmonella, 0-157a, Noro-virus, etc.)
  • Remove Decayed odor
  • Remove Oily Stubborn Stain & Dirt

C. Applications

Excellent for Cleaning Baby Products, Refrigerator, Microwave, Rice Cooker, Cutting Board and many more.

D. How to Use

Directly spray on the products and then wipe with cloth or wash. May also spray on a cloth or a tissue to clean products. Rinsing not required

E. Do not Use on

Lacquer ware, products made from leather, silk, cooper and gold surface covered with paint which would easily scale off. Eyeglasses and painted surface of cars.

Precaution this alkaline water is not drinkable

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