(Coming Soon)Philips Avent Classic Single Electric Breastpump + Free Pillow + Bolster
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(Coming Soon)Philips Avent Classic Single Electric Breastpump + Free Pillow + Bolster
(Coming Soon)Philips Avent Classic Single Electric Breastpump + Free Pillow + Bolster
(Coming Soon)Philips Avent Classic Single Electric Breastpump + Free Pillow + Bolster
(Coming Soon)Philips Avent Classic Single Electric Breastpump + Free Pillow + Bolster

Brand : Philips Avent

Usual Price : S$239.00


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Product Information




Philips Avent Classic Single Electric Breast Pump with 4 stimulation modes & 4 pumping settings to make every expression session comfortable and personalized.

The lightweight, compact design also means expression on-th-go is a breeze.

4 stimulation modes x 4 pumping modes for optimal expressing

It's important to be comfortable when expressing, and comfort means something different for every mom. With this breast pump you can choose between 4 stimulation modes, and 4 pumping settings. This way, you can make each expressing session efficient and comfortable.

Hassle-free, set and forget settings

Moms have enough on their mind without having to recall their ideal setting - so we'll do that for you. Your preferred settings are stored, so at the press of a button you're ready to go. Need a break from pumping? Simply press the pause button, and to resume press play. It's that easy.

Soft massage cushion designed to help stimulate milk flow 

Our breast pumps were designed with your comfort in mind. The soft and velvety texture of the massage cushions feel warm and comfortable against your skin, which can help stimulate milk flow. And the flexible material is designed to mimic your baby's suckling action, which can help milk letdown.

Easy expressing, at-home or on-the-go 

The lightweight and compact design means you can easily express at home, or take it with you for expressing on-the-go.

Designed to mimic babies' suckling rhythm

When babies breastfeed, they follow a rhythm of suck, swallow, breathe, with a ratio of 1:1:1. This breast pump features special Rhythmic Wave Technology that's designed to mimic a baby's sucking and swallowing pattern, pace and ratio (1:1), to quickly and efficiently generate milk flow. This means your expressing sessions feel natural and comfortable.

Discreet sound & backlit display for discreet use, day/night

Our handy backlit display means you can express discreetly at night, without having to turn on the lights. And the soft sound means less disturbance.

Hygienic expressing

We know that every drop counts, that's why we make sure all breastmilk flows straight from breast to container, without any backflow into the tubes. All parts that come into contact with your breastmilk are made using BPA-free materials.

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Usual Price : S$239.00

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