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Baby Fair | HOCKHUA Postnatal Confinement Bundle A
HOCKHUA Postnatal Confinement Bundle A
HOCKHUA Postnatal Confinement Bundle A
HOCKHUA Postnatal Confinement Bundle A

Brand : Hockhua

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Product Information

Hockhua Postnatal Confinement Bundle A

Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on a woman’s body. Special care with adequate rest and a healthy diet is needed to heal, restore and re-energize it. Hockhua understands how essential it is for the new mother to consume nutritious, wholesome foods for the first 28 days after childbirth. It’s products, namely: The Hockhua Confinement Pack comprising of Postnatal Nutritional Herbal Soups; and the Codonopsis Astragalus Red Date Tea are specially formulated to supplement the new mother’s diet and offset the loss of body fluid, post-delivery.


What does Hockhua Postnatal Confinement Bundle A consist of?

1) Postnatal Nutritional Herbal Soup Recipes x 28 packets

Some of the benefits of the Hockhua Postnatal Nutritional Herbal Soup include revitalizing the blood, aiding discharge of lochia, dispelling coldness from body, nourishing Ying, aiding digestion and improving bone health besides calming the mind and promoting restful sleep. Easy to prepare, Hockhua soup has cooking instructions written in Chinese & English and requires boiled water and handful of ingredients to prepare a nutritious bowl of herbal tonic soup daily for the first 28 days after childbirth. 

2) Codonopsis Astragalus Red Dates Tea x 3 sets

Codonopsis Astragalus Red Date Tea is another product from the Hockhua Group especially formulated for consumption by new mothers. The tea comprising of Codonopsis, Astragalus, Red Dates, Black Dates, Dried Longan, and Goji Berries is beneficial for the new mother during her confinement period. Benefits of drinking red date tea include boosting of blood circulation in the body, improving immunity, regulating menstruation and reducing water retention. The tea is also said to improve Qi and calm the nerves.


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